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Royal Bet Blackjack

Blackjack online is a popular online casino game that dates back to the 17th century from areas across Europe, like Spain and France. Blackjack is one of the many casino games that do not require much effort to understand and pick up. All you need is a good few free play rounds and you are very much good to go!

The rules of the game are simple as with other casino games, you will need to ensure that you are beating the dealer within the blackjack game. You cannot exceed the total of 21, the closer proximity you to the total (obviously exceeding the dealer themselves) you will win the hand! That is pretty much it in summary. Obviously, with each blackjack site, you will come across game variances that can alter the game rules and style. Therefore, new players will need to look out for the different style of games and know how to apply the rules of the game effectively. The game’s biggest challenge is for players to use their initiative and know when to apply the 'hit', 'stand', 'double' and when they need to take insurance. Therefore, we would say to hit off at the best start, one must apply a blackjack strategy throughout their gaming and stick to it religiously to avoid large net losses. Smart decisions make good payouts; new players need to act fast within the momentum of the game, therefore make sure you are quick and on top of everything!

Online Blackjack for New Players

Online blackjack for new players can seem very daunting at first, as it’s a new game with that is known for its vigorous gameplay therefore, making players seem overwhelmed and intimidated. Yet have no fear! That is what we are here for-to guide you and give you the best possible advice to conquer your first-hand Blackjack gaming experience.

We do of course, advise players to first of all play a few practice runs to acquaint themselves with the rules and play run of the game itself. Yes, you will not be able to use your bonus cash funds towards a free play run, nor claim any real money winning jackpots from it. However, your experience and game understanding will be significantly increased, and you will be much more confident in tackling the online real money gameplay version. Take a look at our quick tips below that we have collated for you, to aid your best blackjack step forward!

Blackjack game instructions

As we briefly summaries for you above, blackjack doesn't take much to pick up at all. All you need to do is ensure that you understand the method of playing the game.

  1. First things first, you will need to select the number of chips you want to place a bet within the game and make a final and firm decision on your choice.
  2. To see your hand that you have been dealt, you will need to select the 'Deal' option within the game.
  3. Between each set of games, based on your hand of cards you will then need to select if you want to stand, hit or double your cards to win the game.
  4. Obviously, when the dealer's hand and yours are revealed, you will be able to see which hand of cards was the closest to 21 and therefore win the game.

Playing blackjack online is definitely a game that runs at 100 miles per hour, yet when you fully understand the concept of the game, you will happily follow the game through and not even doubt yourself for a second!

Royal Bet Blackjack Online

Playing blackjack within online casinos usually runs in the same way and process. You and the dealer will have 2 cards each to play and based on your hand you will decide if you want to stand, hit or double. The dealers hands will include one card showing to players and therefore you will base your decision moving forward on the hand you have to play with. Always check our blackjack games for the minimum and maximums available, to see if that is a comfortable range that you would like to play with. All blackjack sites will differ in their rates and values, so definitely read the game rules and what it has to offer responsibly.

Gameplay responsibility is essential to ensure you have the best and most successful time here at Royal Bet Casino. Always make sure you set your limits to suit the bankroll you are willing to play with. Be cautious and aware and do not play with money that you are not willing to lose within your gaming experience.

Live Blackjack

Once you have had a few practice runs, you may feel it is about time to gear up your game style a little and play the live version of the game. The live dealer option for blackjack gives players the same gaming experience, yet you play in real-time and against a real-life dealer who is dealing the cards and essentially playing against you!

Who needs a casino experience when you have the option to play Live casino with us Royal Bet Casino? All things considered, you save yourself the effort of leaving the comfort of your own home and still get the full-blown out experience of any real-life casino. In addition to this, your everyday play can be accessed from your own mobile phone, so you can play on the go with complete flexibility. Nobody can tell you when to play or where to play, as you can pretty much use your mobile casino to play at any hour or place you choose! That is the beauty of using online casinos from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Royal Bet Casino FAQ's

Can I play online blackjack games for free?

The answer in simple is yes! Of course, you can. However, free play variants of the game will not win you any real money. It is purely a strategic advantage to make you more aware of how the games run when you play. However, if you do take up the bonus from our Royal Bet Casino bonuses, you can give yourself access to the bonus cash funds that are given to you for free to contribute to your overall gaming experience. You can essentially win free real money by playing games with the bonus cash that we award you upon your first deposit. Do not forget that casino games within our site start from very low minimum bets meaning you can still enjoy yourself on lower bankroll limits.

What is the difference between Live dealer blackjack casino games and standard blackjack?

The difference is, within live blackjack, you can play in real-time against a dealer who will interact with you and deal your cards within the flowing momentum of the game itself. Therefore, it is definitely a different vibe overall in comparison to the standard game variant. In addition to this, the house edge can differ slightly between the live dealer games and the standard blackjack.

What kind of blackjack games are available for me to play?

The blackjack games available for you to utilise within your Royal Bet gaming experience include different game variants. You can try out the multi-hand pair games which allow you to play and deal with more cards on the go-definitely the kind of game for the casino player who likes to live on the fast lane of life itself! In addition to this, there are perfect blackjack pairs and other more general games variances from the software developers themselves. Blackjack is a game that can adapt and suit many a player, all you need to do is register and sign up to experience it with us!

What are my odds of winning a blackjack game?

Your odds for winning the game are essentially 3:2 when you first begin playing the game. Yet, you will find that the greater you play without going bust, the more likely you are of getting a smaller ratio and reducing the house edge gradually. Players can often find themselves getting the odds down to a 1:1 ratio when they play the game right. In addition to this, the return to player rate within blackjack is usually very high. You can find that the percentage usually ranges from 98% to 99% depending on the type of game variant and the provider themselves too.

Do the same rules apply within the online casino and typical land-based casinos too?

The game rules for the blackjack games online will always remain the same as the real-life casinos. That is why players from far and wide opt to play online casino via the comfort of their mobile phones or desktops etc. as it saves them much time and effort and let's face it-you can play the game around your lifestyle with minimum effort in the process! There are more and more reasons every day why you should join our online Royal Bet Casino!