Online Roulette with Royal Bet Casino

Roulette is one of the many classical casino games that new players would be eager to play and enjoy. You will find that the roulette table is invigorating and definitely will keep you on the edge of your seat. There is something about classical roulette that makes your online gaming experience that much better and when you find a good casino bonus to accompany your gameplay, you are pretty much set to make a legendary gaming session!

The gaming varieties available for you to accompany within your gaming experience include the French, American and European game options. With us Royal Bet, you will find that our casino games are available for you 24/7 whenever you need and want! All you need to do is make time for us and we most definitely will have all the time in the world for you.

Betting with Royal Bet Casino

Betting with us Royal Bet Casino, you will find that our operating systems will provide to you the best gaming experience possible. All your bets can be customised to suit you and your gaming goals, meaning there isn't a certain strict betting rule that you need to follow to play with us. Nowadays there are many bets associated with roulette casino gaming and it is our job to acquaint you well with all the options you have when you play with us.

Roulette Inside Bets

The kind of bets you can expect to see when you play roulette are the inside bets. They are as follows:

  1. Straight and Single bets: This is the simplest bet to get your head around, all you need to do is place your chips bet directly on the number you wish to place a stake on.
  2. Splitting: You can bet on two numbers adjacent to one another, therefore you place your chips directly above the edge of the numbers within the centre of them.
  3. Street: This is a bet type that allows you to bet on a row of three numbers and all you need to do is place your chip on the corner of the row you wish to claim.
  4. Corner: A bet that you can place for four numbers. All you need to do is place your chip on the corner shared by four numbers.
  5. Six lines: The bet which focuses on two rows next to each other and your chip will go on the corners of the two rows you wish to bet on.
  6. Trio: A trio bet is a stake on 3 numbers within the roulette wheel. One of them needs to be a 0 and you place the chip in the line of all three numbers.
  7. Basket: This is very similar to the Trio bet, however instead of placing your chips on the line, you will place it within the corner of the 0 and numbers.

Roulette Outside Bets

Outside bets are known to offer players high payouts, therefore definitely a great option for new players!

  1. Red and Black: It’s as simple as black and white, but in reverse! You place your bet that the wheel will land on either black or red and win according to what you selected.
  2. Odds and even: You bet according to the wheel landing on an odd number or even.
  3. 1-18 and 19-36: This bet is split into betting higher or betting lower.
  4. Dozens: You will find that the betting table is spread into 3 sections and you win if you select the right dozen selection of numbers.
  5. Columns: This is the betting style where you select your numbers based on the row of numbers that you believe will win your stake.

Roulette Called Bets

These bets are specials which only appear in certain variants (particularly French) of the game itself. Therefore, don't expect to see these in every game that you play!

  1. Neighbours: This is where you bet on numbers that lay on each side of the number 0, therefore you can see where the neighbours come from...
  2. Zero Game: Is where you bet on the 0 appearances within your game, in addition to 3 numbers adjacent on the wheel.
  3. Orphans: Is where your betting will singular out on particular numbers to appear. To bet you place chips in between the numbers that you select.

Roulette Tips to Play With

Playing roulette within online casinos will indicate to you that there is a certain way to execute your roulette games and your betting habits. We always suggest before you even consider playing a real money roulette game, you will need to ensure that you understand the betting rules inside out and know when and where to apply them. Within our casino, you will always be equipped with a help menu that is integrated within any and every roulette game that you should choose to play on. Therefore, you can ask for some aid as and when you need it. But it definitely speeds up the process if you actually know how to play the game process yourself right?

Roulette Free Play

Another way of maximising your gaming abilities within our roulette casino gaming world is by entertaining yourself with the free play variants available for each roulette game that we host for you. This is the best way to ensure that you are understanding when and where to apply the betting styles and really gives you a full-on and hands-on approach of tackling the different styles available to you. Although you are not able to win real money from the process, a good roulette strategy to have is ensuring that you understand the game back to front. The worst scenario is for a player to be playing and using their real money due to not understanding a certain feature within the game. It is a very silly mistake to be made and believe us, it can be minimised directly.

Flexible Gameplay

There is no better time to play roulette than with us right now at Royal Bet Casino. You will find that our games operate on many formats to ensure that you can have the best flexible gameplay possible. It is always important for players to have access to gameplay that can be used from their mobile phone, tablet and desktops. It is the times now where gaming can be accessed when and where you so choose. All casino players are empowered to play their casino games flexibly to suit their everyday lifestyles. Meaning you can guarantee yourself that casino gaming time will always be an option regardless of where and when!

Gaming Variety

The gaming variety that is available with us Royal Bet Casino for your roulette gaming is large, to say the least. You have all the best gaming options from the top end software providers that cater to your everyday roulette needs. Some of the best providers for online casino roulette include NetEnt, Playtech and Blueprint Gaming. The casino game selections from these providers will literally change your life. Their gaming graphics are seamless and have some of the industry’s best gaming qualities all in one. You will find that all our roulette games are fully licensed and surpass all the audit checks necessary for safe and trustworthy gaming. All the games featured have a random number generator to ensure your site gaming will flow smoothly and with complete random gameplay. Roulette tables will always involve strategy, however, none of the rules within roulette gaming tips is absolute.

Royal Bet roulette FAQ's

What are the easiest bets to play with for a beginner and new player?

The best bets for new players are the ones that are not so limited of choices in terms of odds etc. You will find that the betting of 'Red or Black' for outside betting is probably the easiest and most straight forward betting an individual can do. The range of possibilities of either a red number or black number is very large and therefore this betting option is one of the simplest forms to get your head around if you are a new player to casino gaming. As your betting skills progress and you become more experienced you can lean towards betting options that single numbers out within the roulette wheels and in turn give you better payouts if you win of course.

How many roulette games are there to play?

The roulette options that you have to choose from are very much endless. You will find that there are many variants to play with. The most popular gaming options to select from within online casino roulette are the American roulette, European roulette, French roulette and 20p Roulette. The house edge within the games will of course differ and reduce depending on your overall betting success when you play your roulette session. Therefore, definitely try out the roulette for free variants, to make sure you are on top of all the game rule differences within each gaming variant. It is better to be safe than sorry with the game differences available in each game. Make sure you are fully prepared to tackle whatever comes your way in your real money roulette gaming.

What is the payout like for a 00 win?

The payout available for players with a 00 betting streak and win is 35:1, meaning if you land on this combination you are very much setting yourself up to a high jackpot win. It is considered one of the slimmest and hardest bets to actually secure a win for and has the most risk. Therefore, it is logical for it to have the highest payouts within online roulette betting.

What is the 'Neighbour' bet in roulette?

The Neighbour bet is where there are 5 numbers located on either side of one another. You will pick a number and two numbers that are adjacent too. meaning you are betting on all the numbers that appear neighbour to your first and foremost pick. This bet isn't as easy as it sounds and therefore at a more of an intermediate level for players that have been into roulette gaming for a little longer than the new players of the roulette and casino gaming community.