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Neteller Casino Banking at Royal Bet

Neteller is the gaming community's top casino banking method used internationally. Initially used for poker gaming, you will find that now it it's used to fund and allow for every casino gaming deposit possible. You will find that day by day the use of Neteller is growing by day to combine with players casino gaming efforts.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is one of the most secure and simple payment methods available for players to use within the casino and gambling industry. Operating for a duration of 10 years, you will find that the payment option is an ideal selection of choice for online transactions as your funds will be dealt with as electronic money online. Largely used across all things money involved, the e-commerce sector has found a huge surge within its use, in addition to casino gaming.

Withdrawing funds can be very easily done with a simple moneyless transaction, via linking your main banking accounts within your Neteller account.

How to deposit with Neteller?

To make a deposit with us at Royal Bet Casino, you will first need to fund your main Neteller account to allow for online payments Therefore please choose a banking transfer or any other form of account that is able to fund your main Neteller account and make a direct link. This is a very simple procedure and will be done momentarily and in less than a minute for any player that wishes to use it. Please note there may be charges administered by Neteller when you make any transfers across to and from your main banking option. Usually players who are within the UK and are english speaking will receive rates local to their currency and so forth within international locations.

Withdrawal methods are very much follow in the same line as the procedure of depositing, yet the time taken to receive your winning funds may take longer, subject to our wagering requirement checks before authorising your payments-so please do take that into consideration!

Why Pick Neteller to play with at Royal Bet?

Instant payments

Using Neteller payments within your casino experience will ensure that your payments and withdrawals will be received within a 24 hours basis. This is due to all transactions taking place online via a moneyless transaction. This method is seen as the perfect option to play with, other banking methods taking longer to comply with the security and clearance protocols that they undergo for every release of funds from a bank account. Online payments with Neteller are definitely the latest thing to use!

Please note that casino withdrawals will take longer, as they are subject to the authorisation of players compliance with the wagering requirements that exist within our casino bonuses and promotions.

Licensing and safety protocols

The main licensing bodies that work with our casino have deemed the Neteller services as safe and suitable for players to use and contribute within their casino culture. You will find that the UK Gambling Commissions, Malta Gaming Authority and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission etc. all comply with the policies within the Neteller banking systems, meaning players are safe and very much from anything that compromises their safety within the process of their casino habits and interlinking both the accounts together!

All your favourite games are available to play!

By linking your credit card, debit card or bank transfer to your Neteller, this will allow players to engage with the games that we have within our casino systems, meaning you can take up our despot casino bonus funds, our free spins and incorporate them to having access to playing the best games that we have to offer. Do not forget that our gaming catalogue is extensive and you can find pretty much anything from table games, card games to all your favourite slot games too. All you need to do is send that across within your fully registered account and we will take care of the rest for you. All the best software providers work with us, so it's time you get that Neteller account set up and join the Royal revolution...

Mobile Compatibility

When using Neteller to fund your account, you will find that its usage is very flexible and suitable to all kinds of casino players. As you most likely know, our casino is compatible towards mobile gameplay, therefore we understand that players wish to initiate all their casino activities within one device-and keep it that way. So, we are pleased to share with our local players that if you are used to playing on the go to suit your lifestyle, your casino gaming financial factors will not have to differ as Neteller accepts payments and transfer payments initiated from your mobile phone. They have their own in-house mobile application, for any players that prefer to access everything there and then. In addition to this, you can link other software payment procedures such as Apple pay, to allow for transfers towards your Neteller account. It is as simple and as easy as that.

Neteller Cards

Neteller also provides for their players, their own debit card/ prepaid MasterCard, that carries the same importance and function as any other major payment card. This means that players can interlink their Neteller payment option to any major online e-commerce and suitable platform to shop. Neteller is a smart way to interlinked all your online and safe payments into one system!

Advantages of using Neteller at Royal Bet Casino

Security is of a very high priority for Neteller and its user interface function. That is why they often do security and encryption checks to ensure that their sites use the best encryption to secure their players' online transactions always. It's always good for players to utilise online banking methods with such high priority, as if there are any issues, they will come to your aid immediately and make sure to reimburse you for any financial losses that you make within your transactions with them. Not many systems offer such complete support like this, this is why we are very passionate about advocating this payment solution, therefore please choose it as your payment option!

Signing up is easy and can be achieved within a minute. You are not pushed and prodded to immediately link all your payment routes within their system-they are just happy to have you as a member and will engage with you in trying to aid your steps forward using them. User interface is great and players will find many guide books etc at hand to use within their online casino expeditions.

Their authority and reputation within the online retailing world, means you can use this online banking payment as your prime choice of money transfer-reducing your need for multiple accounts with different organisations. Electronic money transfers never got simpler with a company such as Neteller, that are very much accepted everywhere!

Disadvantages of using Neteller at Royal Bet Casino

The only disadvantage that comes to mind when using Neteller, is the administration fees that are applied within our players usage internationally. You will find however all other mass internet electronic money transfers have the same policies within their procedures, meaning players will have to face the same options no matter where they go, to carry out their online electronic money transfers.

Customer service

Within our casino and Neteller themselves, we offer players the best support system to ensure their transfers of money go as smoothly as possible. We can understand the stress that can come associated with the movement of your hard earned money and for that reason both us and Neteller offer players a 24/7 support system service, meaning you can ask away if there is anything bothering you or affecting your gameplay. Use our live chats and hotline for immediate response and service, or the email enquiries and frequently asked questions within our site, for issues that are less urgent and can wait a total of 24 hour response time.

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