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Royal Bet Live Roulette

Online Live Roulette

Playing online roulette is definitely a treat for avid and budding casino players. So, imagine playing live casinos instead! That will provide to you even more exciting gaming potential that you can enjoy on the go whenever and wherever you wish. Real-time casino gaming all over the world and you do not even need to step foot within a casino...

A roulette digital experience is what playing on live casino platforms is all about. You will find that live roulette is fast becoming one of the top casino games favourites within our Royal Bet Casino. It offers you a more intimate experience with the casino dealers in real-time play. You can witness the dealer hand you over your cards in addition to communicating back and forth of your bet preferences and manoeuvres. The pace of the game is usually fast and invigorating, however, should you prefer to go at a calm and collected manner, do mention it to the live dealers you are playing with, as they should make sure your gaming experience is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Playing with our Royal Bet Casino on the play live roulette features, gives you a handy hands-on access to the game environment you are playing. You will be able to progress forward making sure the camera angles are positioned in the way you see best and most comfortable. In addition to this, we don't know about you but having real-life roulette wheels spinning and the vivid colours as you would expect of being in an actual casino sounds pretty on point and very cool no? The best thing is that all these games are available around the clock. All you need to do is check-in when the next live roulette tournament is being played and play at your heart's content! All games are provided instantly without the need of downloading any supporting software for gameplay.

Live casino games in a click of your fingers

Casino players are very much a fan of the table games that we have to offer within our Royal Bet Casino. Live casinos give you that extra edge by allowing you to play the most authentic casino gaming to that of traditional land based casino options out there. Obviously the most popular options that are available for players are the roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker constituents. These games are so popular due to the simplicity and excitement that is generated for and in the games themselves.

Players like that idea that they can connect with other players of the gambling community. It makes their gaming more personal and makes casino gaming that much more quaint of an experience overall. You will find that having a casino live game from simply at a click of your fingers, make casino gaming available always for your beck and call. Sounds like royal treatment to us-wouldn't you agree?

Online live roulette is better than real-life casinos

Live roulette within our Royal Bet Casino is a better contender for your experience than the real-life brick and mortar casinos available at your pleasure. You will find that once you start your live casino experience with us, you will never want to go back to your routine visits of land-based casinos. Let us try and tell you why...

Real-life casinos and live roulette gives you the experience that you would get within a casino from the comfort of your own home. You are the boss who dictates your gaming habits and therefore for sure, you will feel very much empowered to continue that habit and follow through! Imagine the casino world where you won't need to dress up for a black-tie event for every casino visit. You can lounge from your sofa as you are winning a jackpot 24/7. what is better than that?

Mobile casino live roulette

The reason for your live casino experience being highly flexible and simple is due to the compatibility online casinos have to your mobile phone device. You will find that all roulette games are available from the click of a button on your mobile phone. In fact, popular games like French roulette, American roulette etc will give players the chance to play on roulette tables that have great quality and graphics performance. Your experience will be as it would for an in life casino visit-just everything will be available to you from the palms of your hands and a touch of your mobile phone screen of course.

The technology which integrates your whole experience so effortlessly is continuously being adapted and evolved to make sure it streams effectively from the device of your mobile phone. Live roulette tables occur at a consistent pace meaning it's necessary that players have software that can keep up to speed without any software lagging and disruptions. It is always recommended to ensure that your data strength and connection is sustained throughout your gameplay to ensure perfect gameplay and avoid any gaming disruptions.

How to play live roulette

Live roulette has the same objectives and principles as the original roulette games that are presented within our Royal Bet game catalogues. However, the only difference to the regular roulette games is the fact the games are played in real-time and the involves interaction between you and the live dealers within your gameplay.

The roulette wheel contains numbers from 0 to 36 (00 also if playing the American variant), which will require you to place a series of bets that orientate around the wheels positioning amongst the number. Bets are placed within two forms of outside and inside betting. Usually outside betting being the stakes that are of the least risk and therefore payout in smaller quantities than the inside betting variants do. Once the wheel spins, there is a ball that goes into the number of pockets of the roulette wheel filled with numbers, once the wheel stops spinning. You will find that a win will be made if the pockets selected by the ball match your stake within the game.

Bet types

This game has multiple bet options that a player can get in on within their gaming experience. However, the bets cover a specific range of numbers with their own payout rates depending on the amount of risk involved for each range of betting numbers selected. The difference between the two bets (inside and outside) is the lines between the numbers. Inside bets are those within the spaces and lines and outside bets are for the numbers outside the lines.

Live roulette gaming variety

High stakes roulette

This gaming option is a great option for players who are high rollers and have a very comfortable bankroll to play with. You will find that the best placement within this game has higher risks and therefore can award players higher payouts for playing if they do so happen land a winning stake within the game itself. However, this game gives players the time to think and contemplate their next bets within the roulette game. It is a very nice paced game and does not run 100 miles per hour.

European roulette

The European roulette is one of the industry's most loved games by players of roulette. This has its own variation that differs from the other roulette games. For example, the original roulette gives players a 36 pocket wheel. This one, however, provides 37 with 18 red and black pockets in addition to the 0 pocket also.

French roulette

This roulette variant is very similar to the European variants online, however there betting variants are written out in french to stay as original to the french culture and gambling culture as possible. All the weighings of bets etc are exactly the same as the European variant.

American Roulette

American roulette contains an extra number within the wheel. It has 00 as the extra digit within the pocket. This makes the game a little bit more difficult as it raises the house edge percentage up and makes the payout percentage decrease below the average return to player of 97.3% to 94.7%. Yet they do say with this variant players with a large bankroll fair better with payouts i.e placing max bets within the game.

Speed roulette

Speed roulette is essentially a faster version of the live roulette. Available for players to game and try out, that want to live life on the fast line within online gambling.

Advantages of playing roulette on a live dealer

Immersed experience: When you play live casinos there are many advantages that come through your online gaming experience. The game itself gives you an in-depth included experience throughout your live game. Your cameras are fully immersed so you can alter the position to get all angles of the game up close!

Instant bets: The betting that occurs within the live variant of roulette doesn't slow down when making bets, just because it is played in real-time, nope. You will find that within a click of a button you can make all the maximum or minimum bets that you want to make automatically. In addition to this, all funds saved from previous bets can be collated to use in proceeding turns within the live roulette game.

Tracked and aware: Within the live dealer game, the software will manually keep track of all your numerical values and details that you need to know i.e. winnings and chips spent etc. You will not need to spend time counting chips or anything like that. The software does it all for you.

Safety and regulation

Within our site, we take full responsibility for delivering you the best gaming experience possible. all our games and site itself are licensed and regulated to ensure that your experience is as safe as possible. The best and safest sites to use will always be licensed and regulated by the top licensing bodies within the UK: The UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority and Gibraltar Gaming Regulators. Here at Royal Bet, we have all three bodies involved within our site ensuring that regular site audits are being undergone for SSL encryption checks on all our banking methods-giving you the most up to date and secure banking transactions. In addition to this, site audits will also cover our RNG (random number generator), testing the algorithm to see approval of the sites fair gaming policy.

Frequently asked questions

Can I trust playing roulette online?

Playing roulette online safely is a big aspect of players' concerns. However, when you play within a casino that provides you with the licensed and regulated security within its site, you will automatically be safe to play on it. Here at Royal Bet, you are protected by our multiple licensing that we have in our possession. This will include the latest and most up to date site audits that take place within the casino world. Therefore you can rest assured that all your banking details are 100% secured and encrypted, in addition to a 100% fairness gameplay across our site.

Are the games really played live?

The games within our live roulette collection are all played in real-time. Meaning everything that happens is within the moment and cannot be altered etc. It is always a plus factor playing live dealer games because you can communicate and chat with the dealer as you are playing your live game. Any issues? you can ask right there and then.

Is playing live dealer games rigged?

Live dealer games within our site are 100% fair and trusted. This is because of the random number generator that exists within the games mathematical algorithm, gets tested frequently to ensure the game is running completely randomly with no unfair odds etc.

Can I play live roulette on free play?

Unfortunately, live casinos cannot be played within the free play demo variants. This is because they are based on real-time play which can only be implemented on funded means. However, none of the live games are available for free play, and essentially the game rules will be the same. So, you can use this moment to practice the different game versions for your live dealer game experience online within our site.