Royal Bet Games Provider: Barcrest Software

Who are Barcrest?

Barcrest are a Manchester born manufacturer that have brought games within the gambling industry for many, many years! You will find that their production is excellent for ensuring players get their daily fix and need of online slots casino games. Therefore we saw it as an opportune moment to enlighten you and give you all the latest details on this game provider!

Established within 1968, they were first initially known for supplying their slot machines within bingo clubs, pubs and bars around the local areas and regions. Although over the years, they have very much changed in terms of management and takeovers, you will find that their gaming provisions have in fact grown and developed for the better, within the multiple take-overs. The late 1980's and early 90's saw development of the much loved and classical fruit machines that many loved and enjoyed to play within the surrounding bingos and casinos. This was essentially their big break and allowed them to evolve to where they are today in their amassed empire.

The fruit machines and other generic slot games began to be created in bulk for gambling establishments. Barcrest managed to see a total of 40,000 units within 1997 alone, making them significantly he for the gambling gaming providers sector.

IGT collaboration

In 1998, Barcrest moved onto their next significant move within creating their empire and that was collaborating with the International Game Technology (IGT) for a foothold within the European market of gambling gaming. It was definitely considered a great networking move that expanded their reach, as initially Barcrest was a regional company, yet with this deal they essentially moved into the European markets also. The deal itself was worth £42 million, yet throughout this mass expansion and production time, Barcrest still traded and manufactured under their own original name.

However a decade or more, shortly after 2011 found Barcrest sold to the game providers Scientific Games for £35 million. Up until this day, Barcrest operates under their name under Scientific Games.

Slot gaming to play

Barcrest are known for their slot gaming provisions towards the industry as you most likely are aware. What you will find within their empire, is that they are highly enthusiastic about providing their players with games that contain the original characteristics of the classical slot. So even until today, they continue to launch and pursue the classic 3 reel slot creations, and definitely have quite a few for players ready to indulge in their vast gaming portfolio.

The first game that made the transition into the online casino world is the Monty's Millions, which featured all the latest Barcrest games special game features such as the wild symbols, bonus spins and scatter symbols! Due to the game being dated in comparison to more updated releases, you will find that the fan base for this game is still as alive as ever-with many people and influx traffic towards the game daily!

However, the most popular release from their collection, includes the Rainbow Riches Irish themed slot. This i one of the many games that captured multitudes of people in very little time, due to the high payout scheme within the game i.e. high RTP values, in a addition to the great variation between minimum and maximum betting amounts, which allow everyone and anyone to have in on all he wild symbols and special features of this video slots machine! The free spins potential within this game can exceed to 25 consecutive amounts in one round of playing, which matches what we award our players within our gaming promotions-meaning it is definitely worth adding to your future gaming lists, if you haven't played already....

Barcrest Table Games and Video Poker gaming

Barcrest is a slot dominant gaming provider within the industry, meaning therefore they do not cater to any other typical casino gaming that you would expect from the gambling industry. You find this occurs with many of our software providers- such as Slingo Originals etc. Therefore definitely use our filtering system within our gaming portfolios, which will allow you to single out the games you wish to play based on the gaming attributes you want to include (by genre).

Mobile Gameplay

You will find that Barcrest is on top of its game, with the HTML5 adaptations that it has placed within its game selections. The best integrations allow for people to stream effortlessly on their mobile phones to ensure that gaming experiences are non compared and very much smooth. What you find as time progresses, for every update orientated to orbit round better output and graphic interface, requires regular updates from the software that powers players devices themselves. therefore we highly recommend players to continuously update their iOS, Android or Windows powered devices!

Barcrest Free play

Free play is an option available through most large software providers within the casino industry. it allows players to gauge their gaming strategies, to ensure that they have the best possible chance of paying and winning real money amounts. Therefore we highly recommend players jump on the bandwagon of utilising the effective tool of playing for free. You will be exposed to many situations which allow you to gain in experience and understand how to handle in house gaming features such as, the wild symbols, scatter symbols and other bonus rounds that feature the free spins etc. There is nothing better than having that confidence of knowing how to handle your gambling gaming situations and you are very fortunate to have that with us, Royal Bet Casino! Simply sign up and register a full working account with us, to enable yourself to have full access to all the free play options we have waiting in store for our players!