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Royal Bet Elk Studios Software

Who are Elk Studios?

Elk Studios are a Swedish software provider based in Stockholm Sweden, who are very much known for establishing who they are within the world of mobile casinos. What you will find is that they progressed rather quickly within a gaming world that is already saturated and full of competition. Since their arrival within 2012, they have shot to the top with their small collection of high quality games. Their mission statement within their production of online casino games, is essential to put the love and care within every game that they make. They would rather have a small number of great and excellent games, then loads of 'ok' games.

Their popularity is mainly within online slot games; since their conception they have released a total of 39 slot games too! They have claimed that their success is owed within the uniquely designed mathematical models within all their slot games- which of course abide by all the Gambling Commission policies that are compulsory within casino games.

Elk Studios Games Awards

Elk Studios attained the recognition that they deserve for their work, when in 2017, they received an award for all their efforts and achievements to date within the online casinos gaming industry. The 2017 awards were for the EGR Operators Awards. This award concerns all the game designs on an operational level in terms of the mathematical algorithms and systems that are created to allow the slot games function that they provide and create.

Elk Studios Slots Games

As summarised above, we know that Elk Studios have not released slot games in great numbers. However everything that they have released has gained much positive feedback and popularity within the gambling community. Slot games are one of the most celebrated games within the industry, therefore the fact that Elk Studios have managed to get it right, definitely bodes well for their significant future.

Within all of the Elk Studio slots, you will find that humour is a huge moral within the game themes, meaning your slots sessions will be packaged with everything you are looking for. From humour, to quality cutting edge graphics that ensure your very slot gaming sessions will never be routine and repetitive, but rather enjoyable and a fun game experience every time!

In terms of slot games, we saw it best to recommend some of the best titles available out there for you to play on. Therefore read ahead and give yourself an idea, to what Elk Studios games are worth your while and future promotional bonus funds contributions too....

Voodoo Gold

This is the latest slot addition to be welcomed within our slot game collections. You will find that it is very much a Gonzo's Quest game vibe, for any of you that enjoyed playing the Microgaming legend. The game theme is based in Ecuador, and provides great visuals of the surrounding greenland marshes and forests. There you as a player, will brace the foes against you in aid of attaining treasure and goodies, The game is set on a 6 reel set up, which goes beyond what our players are usually used to with the traditional 5 reel slot set up. Definitely try this game out if you are wanting to be exposed to some of the newest game technology that Elk Studios have integrated within their gaming habits.

Wild Toro

Wild Toro, is again one the popular releases of Elk Studios. We put this game, at one of the top of what this game provider has to offer our loyal customer base within our online casino. You will find that the high quality graphics, including the individual animations set within your reel, definitely go far beyond what you usually see within lot games. The designs are so clearly defined and very much unique within the saturated market of slots these days. A traditional slot at that, with 5 reels, you will find that your ways to win are vast as there are a total of 178 paylines to place your bets against!

Look out for the bonus free spins round that can be attained through 3 or more consecutive wilds that land within your reels. The bonus games are one to cause chaos (in a good way) for your gaming habits.

Vegas Diamonds

Calling all players who are passionate about classic slots within their everyday gaming. You will find that this slot by the gaming provider will definitely hit the spot. Set at a 3 by 3 game setting, it very much mirrors those classical games of fruit machines etc that we are so used to seeing within land based casinos such as Vegas. However, the gaming quality goes above and beyond what you would initially expect. Elk Studios definitely have a way of standing out from the crowd, with the way they make their game themes and all symbols within the slots games. The diamond jewels almost come out of the screen; they are that clear and dimensional, meaning it's that quality that goes above what you would expect within an online casino. Don't believe us? Try it out for free within our casino via the free play demos that we offer you to play!

Tahiti Gold

This game is a popular one, amongst all titles to play on. If you are a fan of the Indiana Jones series, you will find this slot game very agreeable to yourself in many ways. In addition to this, this theme screams gold and treasure, which definitely gets players excited for the prospective winnings that they could make from playing the game itself. Based within a 5 by 4 set up, you will find the game packed with features to make your gaming routine ever so exciting. The ways to win are extensive , as you will find that bonus features such as the Wild Free, Avalanche and Eye of Tiki, will definitely get your reels readying you for success! The wild symbols alone will allow you to attain multipliers to increase your winning value by twofold!

Mobile Compatibility Software

The games designed by Elk Studios are made to run perfectly against any device. Yet you will find that mobile outputs to be every bit enjoyable and a great experience within itself. The algorithms created are made for the slot games to perform at faster speeds and seamless quality. All the outputs suspected to be usual of the mobile online casino options are viable- iOS, Android and Windows. However don't be discouraged if your choice of device is a desktop computer, as you will find that your gaming environment and overall experience will be more than enough and filled with exciting measures to enjoy.

Unique Gaming Features

Elk Studios have introduced within their gaming a feature called the 'betting strategies' which includes and allows players to change the betting levels according to what is desired by the player themselves. As usually within slot gaming, there is in fact a predetermined set of betting rules that need to be obliged, but this system changes your betting habits completely! You may choose if you wish to play with it or not, so it is completely up to each player if they wish to incorporate it, within their betting strategies of gaming.

Other features within Elk Studio gaming that you can find included within your next slots session, include the 'Game On' feature. This is when a player has made 25 bets or more and essentially opens your opportunity to claiming free spins. Usually it is available for loyal players that are consistent, meaning if you wish to be a part of the scheme within our casino, you will definitely need to be a member and fully signed up-but an ongoing committed player at that too. This feature definitely opens doors to heightening a players satisfaction and experience, therefore it's a very cool feature to have within our games!

Free play Opportunities

Elk Studio's know that players will want to practice their gaming run ups, prior to committing to a game immediately, therefore for that reason you will find that there is the opportunity to access free play across all their games, before any bets are placed within the game. This is primarily to prepare players and make them aware of all the innermost game features offered to their loyal fan base. Nothing beats preparing yourself then utilising the free demo option, to understand all the game features, bonus rounds and more within your gaming sessions.

You can even use the free play variants to pick what kind of device you wish to stream the gaming options. For some players they may feel that playing from their mobile phone devices may not suit them as well as a desktop device or vice versa. Therefore this is another way players can most definitely utilise the free play option within their gaming for sure!

Play for Real Money at Royal Bet Casino

Use the slot games provided to us by Elk Studios, to allow yourself an opportunity to win some real money within your everyday gambling gaming. Online casino outlets like ours have become the prime option to attaining jackpots, with all the more fun and an enjoyable gaming experience. Your ways to win are endless when you play Elk Studios casino games with us.