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Royal Bet 3 Reel Slots

3 Reel slots are the classic masterpieces that arose within the casino gaming industry. Classic slot machines have been around long before online casino gaming. The slot machines were placed within brick and mortar traditional casinos meaning, most casino players are very much well versed with the world of classic 3 reel slots.

They are known for a very classical gaming structure, meaning with game themes we admit that they are not technologically advanced or feature complex game themes. However, this is the classical and traditional magic that players seek out after-the old-style casino slots that had everyone was addicted to back in the day. With their simplistic symbols and clear game rules that were very much easily picked up by anyone who wished to play, we completely understand why they are very much still a buzz and hyped within the gambling community. Sometimes 3 reel slot machines with simplistic gaming is just what everybody needs...

The History of 3 Reel Slot Games

3 reel slots are also known as pub slots that appeared within bars during the late '90s. Do not misunderstand the journey of the classical slot gaming journey. What you will find is that before their significant and durable presence, they very much went through phases of being banned from social gathering areas like pubs and bars. However, due to the increased liking and interest, it very much became a stronghold and continued interest within the gambling market, which was still very mature at that current time.

Within slot history, 3-reel slots were the pioneers and pushed the slot gaming trend forward. Yes, slot gaming was highly premature, however, for its time the fruit symbols were the 'one' and very much highly entertaining. Yes bonus features such as free spins, scatters and wild symbols were not high predominant, yet it was unique and highly enjoyed for the time it was first introduced.

Now, however, you will find that software developers have tried to incorporate more features to heighten the classical online casinos 3 reel slot gaming experience, and within that, you will find that some old school principles will still remain, such as gaming themes and symbol simplicity.

Here are some examples of the top games to get your fix of being able to play 3 reel slots!

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of fortune is one of the most hyped classical 3 reel slots within the classic slots industry. For a 3 reel slot, this game gives you more advanced game themes that include progressive jackpots and other symbol bonuses, such as scatter symbols and multipliers!

The game itself is very simple, so anyone can get the hang of it. Yet, that seems to be the big attraction of the game itself. You can feel all your stress is relieved as you keep spinning and making more bets. You will find that in fact, playing this game is more of the features involved rather than winning any money in itself. The jackpot within this game can exceed over £250,000, making this extremely high for a classic slots game to play on! Each spin can have you making stakes of £100 or more as a maximum bet-here is you thinking that you couldn't bet like a high roller if you play. Guess we proved you wrong, right?

Double Diamond

This game just like its other predecessors is a simple game at first glance. However, the Double Diamond classic slot standards have kept players coming back for years to get their daily fix within all the fun presented within the game, not forgetting to mention the fun jackpot potential too!

The game has been told to be hypnotizing, with all the use of classical symbols that have a hint of luxury to them. What can get better than playing with diamonds? A jackpot of course, and a large one at that! Well, this game certainly presents itself to you with that and a little bit extra. You will be thanking us later for us hosting this game within our site for sure.

Wizard of Oz is one of the most advanced games yet within the industry. What you will find is that the game theme will have you feeling that you are not playing a 3 reel slot game at all. The game will have you playing for hours.

Play 3-Reel slots with Royal Bet

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