Royal Bet Cleopatra Slots

Within the lands of ancient Egypt, you will find that Cleopatra roamed to amass a large fortune of treasure and luxury for all the potential treasure hunters of the land-you! IGT has made this game with a theme that relates greatly to new players seeking to collate treasure and winnings of their own (metaphorically speaking of course), we all know new players like yourself are very much after some real money winnings!

The game itself was designed with very captivating and interesting themes for players to engage with, all you need to do is dare to enter Cleopatra's tomb and amass all her treasure from her empire. This game is a classical video slot that shares a 5 reel and 20 pay line characteristics. You will find that this game is very much engaging and incorporates classical Egyptian symbols for its high value and jackpot dependant symbols. From playing the game you have a potential of earning up to 180 free spins with minimal effort-but the random off chance to be lucky enough!

More about the Cleopatra slot game

Cleopatra is brought to you by IGT, with a very good reputation amongst the casino gaming community. There is a reason why this game is so popular, due to everything it has to offer players in the process of their gaming experience. You will find that the Cleopatra bonus within the game is triggered by managing to get three or more sphinx symbols as you play within your reels. In addition to this, there are other high-value symbols that you can utilise within your game run-through such as the Eye of Horus, Mystical Scarabs, Golden Fans, Crook and Flail, the inscribed Table and of course Cleopatra herself. Cleopatra acts as the wild symbol within the game, meaning if you land her within your reels, you are guaranteed a good winning jackpot contribution overall.

What you find with the Cleopatra slot game, is that it very much is a classic that you cannot miss. It’s the first slot series to be graced on both online casino presence and actual mortar and brick-based casinos. Due to its large success, casino game developers such as IGT saw the potential for further success if they provided access to the game across multiple platforms-to ensure no one is left out from enjoying the experience!

Due to its large success, there are many Cleopatra game variants available to play. From the progressive jackpot version to the standard regular variant, everyone can enjoy and adapt the game to suit their online casino gaming routine. It is a very simple game to get the hang of, yet the inhouse gaming techniques and characteristics make this game highly addictive. We think it is the perfect combination to play on with the use of our current bonuses and promotions that we have from newly registered players.

Playing the Cleopatra slot

Playing Cleopatra online within Royal Bet wouldn't take you long to pick it up at all. Usually what you find is that the initial system and run through of the game consists of the same principles any other online slot game would incorporate. Therefore, regardless of the themes within the casino, you will find that you can pick it up very quickly.

Cleopatra allows players to place wagers within the online slot game in several different methods. You will be able to select different wagers for different pay lines, depending on your own personal choice of course. Other options you can do, including placing wagers across all possible 20 pay lines which is a more aggressive way to play however, it can show significantly positive effects for avid players of the slot game. Other methods of playing and placing bets include the max betting options that the game has to offer its players. This is an automatic option that will not require you to select the pay lines manually. All you need to do is input the value of each stake that you wish to place for each pay line. The minimum bet limits start from £0.01 and go all the way to a maximum of £100. You can then select whether you wish to play with the automated spin, or if you wish to manually click spin for the reels every time.

Cleopatra scatters

The scatter symbols within the Cleopatra game, hold significance and for that reason, they are the high-value symbols within the game. What you will find is that when two or more of the sphinx symbols appear within your reel during your gameplay, it can multiply any standard winning combinations that you may possess within your reels. The winning potential will increase for the greater amount of scatters you receive within your reel. In addition to this, if you happen to attain more than three scatter sphinx symbols within your reel, this will automatically translate into a free spin bonus round!

Cleopatra Bonus

The Cleopatra bonus is when you attain free spins from attaining multiple scatters and Cleopatra wild symbols. You will find that the Cleopatra wild symbol if triggered will cause for your winnings to be doubled or tripled depending on how many you possess within your reels. In addition to this, there is also the additional re-trigger of 15 free spins with more than 3 wild symbols within your reels. If you manage to attain over 5 Cleopatra symbols, then you will be in for the maximum bonus that this game can give you. Cleopatra wild symbols in this games gameplay seem to be the answer to all your slot gaming problems-believe us!

Free slots Cleopatra

As you are most likely aware within all of our online casinos games, you have the possibility of accessing free play variants within your gaming, to prepare you for real money potential. The free Cleopatra slots are available within our site, to give you access to first-hand planning and strategizing when it comes to playing your online gaming Cleopatra slots for real money. Playing Cleopatra slots free first will ensure that you are acquainted with all the game has to offer in terms of bonus features etc. therefore it is definitely never a bad move to go for. As it goes without saying within online slot games, if you fail to prepare, then you must be prepared to fail!

Safe and regulated gameplay

All our games within our casino are fully accommodating to your safety, as that is a large vital value that we hold for all our players within the Royal Bet gambling community. Therefore, for that very reason, we would like to assure you that all your Cleopatra slots gaming is fully fair due to our site being licensed and regulated via the UK Gambling Commission and accommodating audit bodies that associate with them. Therefore, you can feel rest assured that your gaming experience will be pleasant and sustained for the long-term.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gaming is an important aspect for us, and we highly prioritise the health and wellbeing of our clients. Therefore, we ensure that we put the collective measures to make our players feel safe and secure. Gambling can have serious health and well-being effects, therefore within our licensed and regulated site, we have betting and deposit limits to prevent our new players, going over their sustainable means.

If you find that you are struggling with the addictive aspects of gambling, our site's customer care can assist in directing you with the best possible actions to counteract the issues that may arise. Do take the time to contact us via the support team for further help or, go directly towards Gamble Aware and Gambler's Anonymous.

Play Cleopatra slots with Royal Bet Casino

Play all the Cleopatra game variants with us, Royal Bet Casino. You will find the best promotions and bonuses to accommodate your gaming time, as our promotions update and change to ensure things are fresh and upbeat for avid gambling enthusiasts to enjoy. In addition to playing Cleopatra slots, you should definitely make your way down to our other slot game selections from the prestigious software providers that we are connected to.