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Royal Bet Monopoly Slots

Online Monopoly slots

Monopoly slot games are highly popular within the casino gambling community. What you will find is that it’s a great outlet for new players to create a real money outlet that consists of highly fun gameplay in the process. Gaming developers like that of Barcrest have taken up the torch in becoming the leading pioneers within the Monopoly slots conquest, as the demand is high, and players cannot seem to get enough of this latest craze and trend within online slot games. So, it is definitely good news for our monopoly casino game enthusiast, as we have all the latest titles that you could ever ask for!

The titles that we have to offer range within specific Monopoly slots such as the Epic Monopoly II, Monopoly Mega Movers, Monopoly on the Money, Monopoly bring the house down, Monopoly big event and finally the Monopoly roulette hot properties. We have over 11 games that can be found within our gaming catalogue. You can filter through our selections to ensure that you have first-hand access to the exciting gaming experience that waits ahead for you!

Monopoly slots real money

Within our Monopoly slots games, you have the opportunity to access real money jackpots from your everyday gaming habits. You can do this by using our in house Royal Bet Casino bonuses that we have to offer our players. It will allow you to have access to our free bonus cash funds to contribute to your gambling goals of making large jackpot wins. In addition to this, we also provide free spins within our welcome bonus packages that allow you to access free turns within the monopoly casino game, to ensure that you can play without even the need to place a stake to earn some money from the game itself. That's why our free spin bonuses have gotten players coming to play with us and rave about us within the online gambling community.

How to play Monopoly slots

To play Monopoly slots with success, we recommend players to get acquainted and familiarise themselves with the free play version of the games available within our gaming portfolio. Not only will you have full access to the gameplay, with all the game features, you will also be able to play as you would if you had free spins etc. The casino games characteristics and the environment will be exactly the same as the real money versions. The only thing that differentiates them from one another is, that you cannot win money from the gameplay itself. However, this gaming habit will put you at a significant advantage, as it will allow you to mentally and physically prepare to play the game correctly when you do stake actual money within the Monopoly game.

Obviously the Monopoly games will come with a different return to player percentage values associated with them, therefore we highly recommend for new coming players, to get comfortable first with playing the higher RTP games, to ensure that they have a better chance in the long term of making more money from their stakes into the game themselves. Slot games in general have higher payouts when players play them on a long term basis and select higher RTP valued games to commit to.

Obviously the most obvious thing for players to do within their gameplay journey of playing Monopoly slots is by ensuring first and foremost, an account needs to be created that is authenticated by our casino agents. Then in doing so, after registration, players will need to choose to deposit cash to get to play for cash within the monopoly casino login of the game.

Mr Monopoly games to play

The best monopoly casino games available for you to play within our casino will be described for you below, to help give you a kick start towards your gambling journey. what you will find within our descriptions, is a good elaboration on the game characteristics, including the in-game bonus features that will optimise your gaming experience into making more money jackpots within your playtime. Do take notice particularly at the game themes-yes, they are all based on Monopoly; however, they will differ slightly from one another, therefore the description will be a significant help and advantage towards making your game selections and choices.

Epic Monopoly II

This game is a great version to play if you enjoy the classical gameboard version (which we all do of course). This game was one of the first released within the Monopoly game series and has forever since, remained a firm favourite within the gaming community. Our explanations of the game bonus features should explain to you further why.

This game is a 5 reel slot game, that has up to 100 pay lines of winning combination possibilities and staking opportunities. The name of the game takes after the wild that features while you. This alone can allow you to attain one hundred times your actual bet in winning potential, meaning you should definitely look out for it within the reels of the slot game. The bonus feature which triggers such great lengths of winning potential can only be triggered, however, if players happen to land three or more symbols within two reels. This is vital of course for players to understand how to go about utilising the best out of this game, and the most significant method is, of course, to manage to land as many bonus symbols as possible. You do find that there other ways to get as much as you can from the feature of bonus symbols, especially the use of multipliers and scatters. All these appear in forms of characters that are related to Mr Monopoly himself, meaning your winnings are bound to be mounting up very soon!

Monopoly Mega Movers

The next game is another favourite, as the minimum betting limits are great for anyone and everyone to play on within the casino. You will find that anyone can play for a minimum of £0.50 per stake within the gameplay. In addition to this, the game itself is a very simple game to play with a fresh and navigable gameplay setting within the game rules. It is very easy to pick and definitely a beginners go-to in our opinion.

The game bonus features consist of 3 unique forms. You will find that there is an availability of 5 jackpots too, for players to score when playing the game. This is achieved by either granted opportunity with the Monopoly wild symbols-there are 12 in total for the spin bonus feature in the game. In addition to this, there is also a free spin playing pieces available to be obtained directly from the wild symbols bonus feature within the game itself. For a quick access game, that can be played at a fast pace due to its simplicity, this game is your best bet in the process for sure.

Monopoly on the Money

A very recent instalment within the Monopoly slots game series. You will find that this is the simplest storyline and game theme edition within all the array of games. In addition to this, the game has very simple rules in playing, which will hardly take much thought that goes beyond a free play try of the slot. In addition to this, the bonus features within the game will also be very easily picked up in the process of playing, that's for sure.

The 5 reel, 10 pay line structure, puts it in line to be an average 5 reel slot with a very good RTP value-one of the highest within the Monopoly gaming series, at 97.75%. The special features of the game run via free spins (with a lot of them in potential), in addition to cash multipliers, a chance card bonus and the respins variant, called the Red Hot Respins. Like most of the games in this series, the maximum win can be as excessive as £250,000 and this all can be achieved from the bets that run from a minimum of £0.10! One spin individually can earn you a total of £500, which definitely isn't bad for a first spin is it?

Monopoly Bring the House Down

This game has a total of 5 reels with 40 pay lines available for players to place their stakes on. Initially, 40 pay lines can be more than beginners to monopoly slots can handle, however, the significantly small betting limits make it easier for players to spread their bets across the game, for the same value as they would with a game that has a smaller amount of pay lines.

The bonus features within the game itself, stem from what they call 'Hot Zones' within the game. You will find that within a certain position of the reel if wild symbols land there, it triggers the wild bonus free spins and multipliers. This will increase a player's likelihood of attaining higher jackpot values. Therefore, this game will keep players intrigued and interested, no matter how simple the gameplay actually is-it will keep you on your toes for sure!

Monopoly Big Event

This game boasts the highest RTP of all the games within the Monopoly series. It gives players the advantage of 99% RTP, that can be combined with a game of 5 reels and 20 pay lines. In addition to this, the game has a reasonably low betting limit for players to play with, meaning anyone can get in on the fun! Barcrest software providers definitely know how to keep their gamers hooked within casinos. Imagine teaming up a game as good as this with our free spins and deposit bonus!In addition to this, the game hosts big bonuses-five of them to entertain you within your gameplay. Some things to look out for if you are considering taking this monopoly slot game on is the Locked wilds (which will attain the wilds in your reels until the spins are used up) and Dancing Wilds. These bad boys will ensure your jackpot amount is on some crazy numbers.

Play Monopoly slots with Royal Bet

After reading this little summary of the games that are available for you to play, we are sure you are twitching in your seat wanting to go out there right now and play all the Monopoly slots games right there and then. Definitely do not let us stop you, all you need to do is register up and claim your bonuses of free real money to make your gaming experience one to remember indeed.